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Mark Larson

Mark is an artist who's enjoyed an outdoor life; hunting, fishing, and packing into the Wyoming wilderness. Painting "en plein air" , that is, painting outdoors and representing a direct response to the scene or subject in front of him, is another extension of his outdoor lifestyle.  Painting on site he strives to capture the effects of natural light and atmosphere. His work in plein air informs his studio work, and vice- versa.  He works in both watercolor and oil. As an artist he feels it is important to balance the cerebral, drawing-centric, design oriented pursuits of studio painting with the liberating spontaneity of watercolor and plain air oils.

He strives for authenticity in artwork that not only evokes an impression of time and place, but implies a story that connects them to ourselves.  He likes to incorporate western history, mountain lore, and cowboy mythology in his work.

A graduate of the University of Wyoming, Mark returned to his hometown of Cody, Wyoming where he worked with acclaimed artist Harry Jackson, his mentor and friend.  In 2002 he accepted an art teaching position with the Natrona County schools.  Now retired, he enjoys more time to paint and explore the natural wonder of his home in Wyoming.


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