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Purchasing a work

For good reason I am not represented by galleries.  They would expect me to work harder than I want to, and pressure me to paint only what sells.  In the end I might sell more paintings, and I would have to, because the gallery takes up to half.  In spite of this , my work continues to find it's way into the homes of good people.  My art seems to come from within for it's own sake, and I have been fortunate that it has been well received by collectors and the exhibition jurors who have found value in my work.  Many of my paintings are sold through exhibitions and by direct sale to collectors.  Being the dinosaur that I am (I practice a renaissance craft after all) I don't use social media. If you are interested in purchasing a painting it's best to e-mail or text me.    It is gratifying to have my work go to those who appreciate it and meet new friends in the process.   I offer only original works of art, not reproductions or prints.  Many pieces have been framed for exhibition and the price may include an exhibition frame.  Click on, or roll over the portfolio image for information about the work, it's size, availability, and price. 

Schedule a Workshop

Contact me for workshops and educational programs covering a broad range of topics. I have taught art at all grade levels in the Casper schools for 15 years.  Prior to that I conducted continuing education classes at Northwest College.  Upon retiring from NCSD  I taught watercolor and drawing in the Casper College continuing education and OLLI programs. I have worked with the Nicolaysen Art Museum in after school programs and workshops for veterans.  Previous classes and workshops have included all levels of oil and watercolor painting, plein air painting, observational drawing, color theory and design.   I bring many years of teaching experience, a depth of  knowledge, and a sense of fun that will engage and inform participants.  I tailor the presentation to accommodate the needs of your group.  Contact me to see how I can help your group provide quality art programs.  

Artist's Rights

All images on this site are copyrighted by Mark Larson.  The content of this site is for personal and/or educational use only. Neither text or images may be reproduced in any form without permission. You may not modify or further reproduce the content for any purpose whatsoever. You must request and obtain express permission from Mark Larson Art Studio for all other uses of the content.

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